Cisco Present Technology That is Beyond Your Imagination!

Cisco Present Technology That is Beyond Your Imagination!

As our world is striving to develop new technology day by day because everyone would like to have more advanced tech product in their arsenal to achieve business goals and in order to require a high-class network solution for the business essential “The Cisco SG220-26-K9-NA smart plus switch” can help you to do such task. It has been built to take care of your critical business application as it delivers fast performance and highly secure network at a low price compared to other managed switch in the market.

Let’s Face the Cisco SG220 Series Smart Switch

More is always better, The Cisco SG220-26-K9 switch comes with more advanced features and enhanced network management capabilities. Furthermore, it includes 26 Gigabit Ethernet ports (24 x 10/100/1000 Ports, 2 x Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo port) alongside with advance layer 2 switching and IPv6 support.

The model number SG220-26-K9 is representing the switch itself while NA representing North America which means this switch is only applicable to use within North American region and required 110V to run.

Take a Look on Technical Specification and Features

Marvelous Performance and Reliability

The Cisco 220 series is supposed to deliver an extraordinary performance which is required to run any sort of business application and help the user to connect more quickly, it also provides great flexibility to control the bandwidth traffic so the user can combine all the business communications.

Simple Configuration and Flexible Management

The Cisco 220 series switches contribute more management options like (CLI) Command line interface, (SNMP) simple network management protocol. The switches cut down the time it takes to connect the server, printers & other devices since they are easy to deploy and simple to use. The Qos feature make sure to automate the delay-sensitive traffic which helps to easily setup an IP-based communication on a assemble network

Advanced Network Security

The Cisco 220 series switches deliver a higher level of security and extensive ACL, guest virtual network by which you can get control over network plus you can maintain the principle of your business’s data. Get ready to meet the unbreakable security parameters which guard your network against network attack and keep the unauthorized person out of the box

Additional Gigabit uplink ports

The Cisco 220 Series switches contain further ports than any other switch in the market by providing flexibility to connect & create the network to easily connect the switches on different places within the same building or campus or overall business

Management Specs

  • Built in Web User Interface which assists system monitoring, system dashboard, system maintenance & configuration
  • It includes Cloud Services for Cisco FindIT Network Tool
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack for easy transfer of data

Hardware Specs

  • Flash Memory of 32 MB
  • CPU Memory of 128 MB
  • Packet Buffer size 4.1 MB

Environmental Specs

  • Mean time between failure MTBF @ 50°C 342,867 (Hours)
  • It comes with EEE + Energy Detect
  • Operates within 0-50° C temperature

Plenty of Reason to Buy The Product, Where can I get it From?

It seems like the Cisco 220 Series switch possess many features at affordable prices though it can bring great benefits to your business, the employees can work up to a number of hours with accurate efficiency without having any complications. You can get this product from Procurepod the key reseller of Cisco products. Moreover, we are also dealing in Cisco licensing software and all other computer related accessories. Find out more, Here!

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