Many ask why we don’t list deals and sales for the stores in our database. Instead, coupon codes appeared on related shopping sites in order to lead shoppers to the retailer’s online store Today, many retailers continue to have coupons on related websites, but also offer one or more coupon codes on their store’s Shindigz Coupon Code websites or through weekly emails that are sent out to their customers.

Minimum spend – Allows you to set the minimum subtotal needed to use the coupon. Use the Conversion Limit field to limit the number of times a coupon code can be used. Some major grocery chains also produce digital coupons that may be loaded onto the retailer’s loyalty card at home, or at a coupon dispensing machine located in store.

Since such restrictions are not universal and are difficult and/or costly to enforce, limited coupon trading is tolerated in the industry. Usually, the merchant will have a page showing how much you are being charged for the merchandise, how much is being discounted because you submitted a coupon code and any shipping fees that may be applied.

The coupon codes should be in a CSV file format and should ONLY contain the coupon codes. Products – Products that the cart must contain for the coupon to be valid; or which products are discounted for Product Discounts. Click the Merge Code option in the editor toolbar to find the name of your Hidden Value in the menu.

To make sure you only get the best and latest coupon and deals, we put in great efforts to present any new promo codes and sales available. With your spreadsheet of passwords and coupon codes ready, add a Login/Password action to the survey. This means that any setup fees and component charges will also be discounted by a valid coupon.

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