De-stress ideas nobody told you about!

With the kind of rush, we have in our life today, the struggles we face, the targets we chase and the pressure to be the shining one in the crowd is so intense that almost 9 out of 10 people today are under stress and depression. And that’s a lot of stress!

This is the era where posting right pictures of food is more important than eating right. The time when whether you have a fitness routine or not trying alternatives and failing at it has become a routine – where a simple alignment of words has the power to break you down. The time where stress has become an intricate part of our lives!

This is the reason why ‘de-stress ideas’ seems to be the most searched topic on the internet. While there are obviously meditation practitioners and psychologist exclaiming different ideas to de-stress – we are here with some out of the box ideas that nobody told you about! Let’s set on the de-stress journey!

  1.    Cut away from situation

Right, when you are feeling a lot of anxiety, depression or anger inside you – the time is to throw yourself away from the present case and find your calm. Just put in your ear pods and immediately leave for a walk, a run or even to watch a movie. When you stay in a particular situation even when you are stressed it is doing no good to you. Instead cut away from it and do a happy thing to calm yourself down.


  1.    Get a plant

One of the most de-stressing things to do is to get a plant, nourish it, make it live and turn its life around. When you get a plant or plant a seed, it is about bringing a life into existence, seeing the joy of little things and learning to be patient with the magic of the universe to work. While it can certainly help in building a healthy environment, supporting the earth and making your house beautiful, this is going to calm down your stress and bring in smile to your face.


  1.    Craft

Indulge yourself in something you like doing. There are those little habits that de-stress you and bring in happy feelings inside you. From pottery, weaving, quilting, gardening, listening to music or even making a new painting – anything can be your respite from the present into a world where you believe to be happy. The craft work can be a great way to unleash stress while making something for your surroundings.


  1.    Get a massage!

We couldn’t agree more! Massage is bound to be one of the delightful ways of calming your senses while resting your body. Get an excellent massage package at a discount or use that pending voucher to book a spa or massage session. The generous working of the creams and oils, the earthy smell and the movements of the pressure points will surely release those happy hormones to calm you down and make you feel satisfied!


  1.    Eat with the mood!

Binge eating or stressful eating does not have to be bad at all times. You can buy some of the comfort food on sale this Black Friday using Deal Voucherz and stock it up for times of need or make some online purchases on offers to get the best of binge eating food. Eating good makes one happy but make sure that you don’t overeat to invite other reasons of stress.


  1.    Do something long foregone!

In the course of life, we always keep shifting from old hobbies to new ones, in the times of stress going back to something that you have left doing would be a very heavenly feel. Pick up an old bicycle and ride, go to your old house, or even visit your school time friends – when you return to time you feel less stressful and have an energized and positive feel towards a tomorrow.


  1.    Relaxation practice

Do something to relax and choose to create an aura around you. This can be done by purchasing some cheap scented candles, the oil diffusers that run on promotion with brands and also some heavenly flowers around you. The smell and feel of these things are so uplifting that you shall immediately feel the calm inside you.


  1.    Read something new!

Books have always been a go-to friend for the stressful times. When you are stressed ‘read a book’. When you are too stressed – ‘read one more book’. This is the most exhilarating thing about reading that you cut from the reality into a different world which fascinates and makes you smile.

De-stressing can be all artful, mindful and a blissful process. Just choose what works for you and get going!

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