Philips Bluetooth Headphones

Noise cancelling Headphones are supplied in a standard, for Philips, carton box with a transparent window, through which you can see the headphones. The model is collected qualitatively: nothing creaks, does not play, plastic is pleasant to the touch. But she looks like usual.

Headphones are designed for young people who love bright design. The SHL3160 model fully corresponds to this, thanks to the shiny inserts in the headband and the outer side of the cups, as well as to the general style.

Recall the model Philips A1 PRO , which is positioned by the manufacturer as headphones for DJ, convenient for long use behind the console. Externally, the SHL3160 is similar to the A1 PRO. Apparently, this similarity in Philips decided to emphasize, mentioning in the description that the headphones are made in DJ style. Sami SHL3160 – not for professional work, although they look expensive. They borrowed from a more eminent model successful design solutions: to adjust the headphones can be almost any head, you can also turn the cup and attach it to your ear, and the second will not bother you.


Cheap noise cancelling Headphones cups are overhead, with dense ear pads, upholstered in imitation leather under the color of the design. This has both advantages and disadvantages:

Such a position of the ear cups makes it possible to achieve good sound insulation from the outside world. Of course, it is not perfect, and in the metro you will easily hear all the extraneous sounds. But in a more relaxed environment, for example, on a walk or in a cafe, they will significantly reduce the level of external noise;

When listening for a long time, you will need to adjust the headphones from time to time. there will be a certain feeling of discomfort;

The ear cushions are quite thick and thick, so in summer or in a hot room you will notice that your ears are heating up;

headphones do not spoil the hair, I think this advantage is more important for girls.


Cups can rotate in any direction, so you can adjust the model to any head and ears. They are attached to the headband with the help of 3 hinges. In this case, the headphones fit tightly on the head, do not slip, but do not press on the ears. During testing, I listened to them for 2 hours in a row, and my ears were okay. However, there is a small feature: due to the fact that the ear cushions lie on the auricles, and not around them, sometimes you had to adjust the headphones. However, the ears did not ache from this, there was just a slight feeling of discomfort, but I think that it easily passes.

I ran test races and ran down the street for a few minutes, sometimes turning my head quite sharply and sharply from side to side. I must say that the headphones held confidently. But my headband causes some alarm. The main arc of the headphones is made of a rather thin plastic, and I’m not sure that over time it will retain its elasticity and ability to press the design to your head. Also I can not promise that plastic will not crack from frost. In addition, with careless handling, the headband can simply be broken. Maybe these are only my subjective fears, and they do not correspond to the truth.

The wire at the headphones is standard, non-removable, to each cup goes its own vein. The length of the wire is 1.2 meters, hence it can be concluded that the best noise cancelling headphones are adapted for use with mobile devices.

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