Private Money Lending

Private Money Lending

If you urgently need cash today, our fast cash loan is your perfect solution. Payday Loans –┬áBecause of some emergency you need to deal with, sometimes you may find yourself without money to last you Licensed MoneyLender Singapore until you next pay-check comes in. This could be an educational trip, a small medical emergency or to purchase something that won’t be there long enough for you to wait for your pay-check.

There are companies that offer opportunities to pool together funds from many investors and create a single entity to loan money. However, keep this in mind: performing and non-performing private money loans are typically sold at a discount, so be prepared to take a haircut on the amount of capital returned to you.

Other than loan limits, licensed moneylenders are supposed to adhere to the legal limits for interest rates on the cash loan they lend as well. As one of the top legal money lender in town, we work towards ensuring that our customers can trust us to provide for their needs.

Because money lenders are much smaller organizations than banks, they can’t bare the risk of making a huge loan to someone with very risky credit profile. However, as banks have to conduct stringent background checks before approving your loan, a licensed money lender in Singapore can prove to be a better alternative.

Loan sharks often take other illegal action to collect the money they have lent you, such as threatening violence or taking away your credit cards or valuables. Boyne Finance operates from 77 West Street, Drogheda, Co Louth and is licensed to lend money at 30.9pc per annum.


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