Ways to celebrate national puppy day

If you expect other four-legged friends to welcome this new interloper you will have to allow them to make friends on their terms. Any pets already part of your home may feel threatened or at least infringed upon. Allow them to come and investigate at their own pace and to withdraw when the want to. Remember, this is their turf and the new addition will have to learn her place.

Keep the puppy safe. She could become a target if your pets are not happy with her. The same could be said of children who were not receptive to having a puppy. Just make sure puppy has a place to be if you can not be right with her.

puppy day

The house belongs first to those who were already there. Puppy may need to be excluded for a little while to allow other pets to investigate freely for the first little while, taking in all the new scents around. Make sure to reassure and lavish affection on any old friends who are feeling a bit misplaced.

When puppy comes home you should have done these things to prepare:

1. Clean up the clutter. Pick up anything that could pose a choking or intestinal blockage hazard. Remember, just about anything can get chewed and could get swallowed. Puppies mouths are well adapted for chewing on just about anything. Get down on your hands and knees to get a puppy’s eye view of the lay of the land.

2. Look for household hazards. Electrical cords seem to have some kind of magnetic energy that puppies can’t ignore. Make them inaccessible. These can be deadly. Put away rocking chairs and block off stairs. Many bones have been broken and crushed when curious puppies explore things at the wrong time. ways to celebrate national puppy day

3. Make sure you have a crate. Puppy should have a crate that is her bed. It should be a safe quiet place that she can go when everyone needs a break, or when you can’t watch her closely.
A crate should be plenty big enough, without being too big. If you only want to buy one crate and she will be a large breed dog someday, block off part of it while she is a puppy. Crates serve many purposes including housebreaking. She will not want to soil her own bed but if she can relieve herself far enough away from where she is sleeping she will not try to hold it as long.

A crate is the perfect place to put a puppy to bed at night. She will not agree at first, and your first few nights may be very noisy as she objects, but if you ignore her she will settle down and go to sleep. Make sure she goes outside to potty last thing at night and first thing in the morning before her little feet hit the ground. You may need to get up a bit earlier than usual to help her ‘make it through the night’ as she learns how to control her bladder and bowels.

A crate serves as a safe place she can be when you can’t be right with her. No one can hurt her, and she can’t get into trouble here. If she was not crate trained by the breeder then she will have to get used to it. It may take a few days but not more than three or four if you are consistent with it. He crate will quickly become her safe place and you will find her there on her own accord once she understands it is her special place.

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